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I am @ArtyLyndiLee 


Welcome to another side of me you did not know existed.

I am Lyndi Lee the singer, but also Lyndi Lee the artist...

and this is...


My Story

Living with two friends.

One invited, one uninvited.

That was part of my lockdown journey that brought me to this point.

The first friend, Cyclic Neutropenia.

An uninvited friend that forced me to take self-isolation

just a little more seriously than the next person.

Cyclic Neutropenia means having a chronic low immune system and

that means more open to any disease and a body that can’t fight

against the attack.

I had to isolate...

I had to isolate myself like a prisoner in maximum security.

I am a singer. I was used to performing 8 shows a week.

I am with people, amongst people, performing locally and internationally.

Being out there. Breathing the energy of people into my performances. Breathing

out that energy into my songs.

My invited friend, my talent. My voice. My songs.

Slowly but surely, the lockdown deeply isolated made my voice to become more

and more silent.

My songs my notes my cords all packing their bags from the 5-star front room in

my soul to a back room somewhere leaving me in space dark isolated and alone.

Somehow your soul can correct itself.

I dusted off my old box of art supplies and began my journey on the canvas.

My songs needed to be sung.

My songs were now being sung through my hands.

Colourful paintings arose from the dark.

My soul found light. My voice came back. My invited friend of art,

my best companion.

My isolation in all essence my new birth.

My paintings telling a story.

My paintings complementing my music.

My song. My light. My colours being performed for you.

My songs during performance flew into the night, but now my songs sung through

each painting can accompany my audience into their lives. Into their homes.

Being an everyday reminder of light. Of colours. Of a soul finding its way like a

river bearing a path to the sea.

My positive energy surrounding you in each painting.

My story.

Being Lyndi Lee

The performer. The singer. The artist.

The Free.

Lyndi Lee Artist
Image by Steve Johnson
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